The Daily Grind: Does Guild Wars 2 need a classic or progression server?


A few weeks back, we had MOP’s Colin on the MOP Podcast, and naturally we took the opportunity to talk about Guild Wars 2. I can’t remember how it happened, but somehow we ended up discussing fresh start, vanilla, classic, and progression servers for the game.

If I recall right, we came down against the idea of a fresh start server because of the way Guild Wars 2 handles servers, and we didn’t really think a classic server had a prayer of happening as it’s unlikely ArenaNet has the resources for it. But a progression server does have some possibility; it might be interesting to have a server that launches just with vanilla Tyria and then slowly progresses through all of the living world storyline and the expansions. Think about it: the original world, but without all the gliders and mounts and powercreep. I can’t help but wonder whether 2021’s re-release of all the living world is a prototype for a special server.

Does Guild Wars 2 need a classic or progression server?

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