Elyon and ArcheAge line up huge releases for the coming months


On Thursday, Kakao hosted an informative livestream in which the studio revealed some major updates coming to both Elyon and ArcheAge in the near future. Suffice it to say, players in both MMOs won’t be lacking in new activities.

Wait, that didn’t suffice? Then let us expand. Elyon is prepping a 30-player Irukas raid, a PvP area called Temple of Desire, an underwater zone called the Secret Sea, a siege that uses mechs, a “refined” realm war system, and plenty of quality-of-life improvements. On top of that, the fantasy MMO is adding a pair of new classes: the aura-spouting Paladin and the combo-slinging Soulbringer.

Not to be outdone, ArcheAge — now under Kakao’s management — is adding a new tier of finery called Brilliant Erenor Cloaks and an expansion into the prairie lands of Epherium this summer.

The livestream also covered developments in Moonlight Sculptor, Guardian Tales, and Eternal Return.

Source: Elyon, ArcheAge
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