Old School RuneScape kicks off its Easter event, adjusts Revenant Caves, and renames combat achievements


The Easter bunny in Old School RuneScape sounds like kind of an idiot. A good-natured idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. See, he wanted to bring chocolate eggs to people in the desert, but deserts are hot and chocolate melts easily, so it’s up to players to fix this dumb bunny’s problem in the MMORPG’s Easter event for this year.

Players will effectively play intermediary for OSRS’ recurring giant pink rabbit, seeking advice on how to make chocolate eggs happen in a desert and getting rewards like two pieces of egg-themed springtime headwear, one of which is a ring that applies something on a character’s head when it’s worn.

In addition to aiding idiot rabbits, the latest patch has adjusted the entrances to Revenant Caves to make them one-way, applied more Poll 76 changes that change the names of various combat achievements (because apparently that’s important to players), and made further tweaks to the Guardians of the Rift. There’s also some tweaks to the Steam client and the Android beta client, all of which are detailed in this week’s patch notes. Just don’t forget to help out that dumb bunny.

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