Prepare for today’s Warframe Angels of the Zariman update with guides, vids, and a housing preview


Today marks the start of the new Angels of the Zariman update for Warframe on all platforms, and in order to get everyone ready for what’s coming, developer Digital Extremes has kicked out some informational posts and a gameplay video. Call it part hype, part helping hand. Like a pat on the back while yelling “LET’S GOOOO!” in your ear.

On the helping hand side of things we have information about necessary prerequisites players have to complete in order to access the Angels of the Zariman content, including a list of needed quests, completion of the New War, and access to both a Railjack and a Necramech. There’s even some guides for those who are brand-new or returning after a lapse, and a brief rundown of features in the Angels of the Zariman update.

One of those features – the Dormizones housing system – got its own highlight post that explains how to access this new housing, how to furnish it, and some of the videoscapes and audioscapes that can be purchased from the cash shop. Finally, Warframe has debuted a gameplay video that runs down the update’s features in the game’s usual sizzle reel style.

Angels of the Zariman is coming to all platforms at some point later today, though specific timing for the launch has yet to be announced. Still, there’s lots of information to absorb and the aforementioned trailer to watch below.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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