EverQuest makes the Torment of Velious expansion available for all free-to-play players


EverQuest is making like you’re an audience member at a live taping of the Oprah show today. You get a copy of Torment of Velious! And you get a copy of Torment of Velious! Everybody gets a free copy of Torment of Velious! It is assumed in this scenario that Oprah was for some reason giving out expansions to an MMORPG; we don’t know why that would happen either. The point is that Torment of Velious is now free for all whether you bought the expansion or not.

This means that even completely free-to-play players will gain access to a variety of areas assuming that they are sufficiently leveled (and assuming that they are wearing warm clothing, because places like Crystal Caverns and The Eastern Wastes are chilly). No need for a purchase, just enjoy your expansion on a slight time delay. You can even catch the original trailer for the expansion just below. Good things do indeed come to those who wait.

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