This year’s Bungie Day celebrates the playerbase of Destiny 2 with cosplay spotlights and emblems


Last year’s Bungie Day was about the Destiny 2 developer celebrating 30 years of making games. This year’s Bungie Day is a lot more community focused, with a variety of spotlights being cast upon the looter shooter’s community.

The game’s weekly newsletter asks for players to record a minute-long video of their Guardian, provides a rundown of some intentionally bad cosplay as part of a hashtag challenge in June, and grants a look at several talented cosplayers dressed up as Savathun. The devs also talked about a Humanity’s Chosen emblem, which was granted as a special gift to players who performed random acts of kindness to other players, and are calling attention to a charitable event that grants players unique cosmetics when they donate certain amounts.

Meanwhile in the shooter itself, this weekend has seen the Trials of Osiris return, just in case all of the good vibes and sweetness from this year’s Bungie Day has to be balanced out with some competitive PvP’ing.

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