Ship of Heroes opens free registration for this weekend’s housing beta


Indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes is gearing up for another housing beta this weekend – and you can don some spandex and go play it.

“Many of you wished for a longer housing Beta event, so we’re throwing a second one!” Heroic Games says. “This is our 9th feature Beta that has been open to the public. Players will be able to create or reuse a character, roam Apotheosis City, create bases, and even play a few missions.”

The event is expected to kick off Friday and run through the end of the month, so you actually have two weekends and a bunch of weekdays to give it a spin. Participation is free, downloading is through Steam, and registration is already open. The updated build includes the new housing UI, new view modes, base touring, more furniture, and base previewing too.

“We’ve incorporated many Beta-tester suggestions from our last Beta, as well as adding some new features of our own. The sleek new housing GUI consolidates all windows and includes many new conveniences. You can now allow other players to visit your base and look around. We’ve also added a new blank slate mode, which gives you maximum freedom to custom-design a layout, right down to placing individual wall and floor sections. There’s new furniture to check out, including multiple big fireplaces. In addition to visiting the bases of other players, you can preview bases now, including looking at some bases decorated by the dev team. This means you will have multiple sources for new ideas that you can improve upon.”

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