Fan site compiles a list of every MMORPG rogue server and emulator still running


Not every emulator project is as popular or as well known as Star Wars Galaxies Legends or City of Heroes Homecoming. To help bring awareness of the smaller or more obscure projects out there, fan site MMO Folklorist compiled a comprehensive list of the rogue servers currently running or in development.

For example, did you know that there’s an Asheron’s Call emulator? Or what about Battlestar Galactica Online? (Admit it, you didn’t even remember that one existed!) Others on this list include Chronicles of Spellborn, Earth and Beyond, FusionFall, and Vanguard.

But the undisputed king of rogue server projects is Star Wars Galaxies, which boasts so many fan iterations that MMO Folklorist created a completely separate post just to cover the 19 or so versions out there.

And speaking of SWG, here’s an interesting video we stumbled upon that highlights the unique ships that came with the game’s space scene:

Source: MMO Folklorist, 2
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