Old School RuneScape adds more cat interactions in the clan hall and new gold-trimmed hit splats


What’s the biggest way in which Old School RuneScape fails to live up to your expectations? If you said “my biggest hits don’t get appropriately highlighted,” you are exactly the audience for the most recent update that adds a new option in the settings to make your maximum hitsplats (that is, the little pop-up number indicating your damage) have a gold trim to indicate when you hit for max damage. It doesn’t make them more likely or anything; you just can give those damage numbers a little gold border. Thrilling stuff.

Players can also interact with the clan hall cat, Hannibal, in more ways while visiting the structure. You can even speak with him if you’ve got a Catspeak Amulet, as he apparently has quite a bit to say. There are also updates to poison dynamite and various other changes, as well as an ongoing poll for the loading screen to accompany the game’s next raid. Check out the full rundown of changes on the official site.

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