Final Fantasy XI brings the Sunbreeze Festival and Green Festival around once again

Mumor has looked better.

Ready to celebrate summer in Vana’diel with Final Fantasy XI‘s resident idol/magical girl/stage sensation Mumor? Good news, then: You’ll get your chance as the Sunbreeze Festival drifts in once again starting on August 11th. There will be fireworks, the stage show, special street vendors, and more throughout the event. And of course, it wouldn’t be FFXI if everything were humming along comfortably without your intervention, so you’ll also have minigames to take part in and goldfish to scoop along the way.

Players will also be able to purchase items from a special store in Lower Jeuno that’s available only during the concurrent Green Festival, which includes a special new cosmetic item in the form of the Morbol Apron. Whether or not being emblazoned by the image of a creature legendary for smelling foul is a good idea is left as an exercise for the reader; the point is that it’s new cosmetic gear to wear. Just be sure to get in your shopping and summer celebration quickly, since the events all end on August 31st.

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