Neverwinter takes Rothé Valley out of the vault today

Yes, it's a bear.

If you’ve been eager to head back into Rothé Valley in Neverwinter, you’ve had to live with disappointment for a while as the content was stashed away in a vault marked “NOT FOR PLAYERS” in large, unfriendly letters right on the door. But today that content has been taken out of that vault and made available for everyone once again, complete with a new battle pass for everyone who just can’t get enough of that valley. It’s a pretty awesome valley, let’s be real.

Of course, there’s more in this particular patch, including a memorial NPC to departed player WiCKiD, the Dragonflight Stronghold encounter returning to challenge guilds once more, and various balance and content adjustments as you would expect from a major patch. Check out the full list of changes on the official site, even if the centerpiece remains returning to Rothé Valley. Hey, you can appreciate the trip back on multiple levels, let’s not be limited.

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