Rumor: Destiny 2 will unveil a crossover with Fortnite and arrival to EGS during its showcase today


Today at 12:00 p.m. EDT is the day when Destiny 2 will be broadcasting a showcase for content coming to the game among other things, but it would appear that Bungie’s reveals have been ruined thanks to some datamining and leaks, the most surprising of which being an apparent collaboration with Fortnite.

This reveal comes by way of a tweet from Ginsor, a reliable dataminer of the looter shooter. There are not many details available in his tweet, but it does share what looks like a promotional image reportedly pulled from Bungie’s website of some Fortnite character skins that Guardians of Destiny 2 can wear – the Titan is dressed like the Black Knight, the Warlock dressed like Drift, and the Hunter is wearing an Oblivion outfit. The background of the image seems to suggest that these skins are exclusive to D2’s Eververse cash shop.

This revelation is among many others that have been collected by members of the D2 Leaks Discord server, outlining among other reveals that Destiny 2 is headed to the Epic Games Store; that skins for Zavala, the Exo Stranger, and Ikora are headed to Fortnite among other cosmetics; and that there will be a creative map based on Javelin-4 as well as a control game mode. All of the showcase reveals can be read on Pastebin, but don’t click the link if you’d rather wait for the full official word of what’s next this afternoon.

sources: Twitter and Pastebin via Polygon
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