Elder Scrolls Online kicks out a gameplay teaser trailer for the upcoming Firesong DLC


What sort of song would fire sing? What would it sound like? Would it be the most metal jam that ever rocked your face? Or would it just simply be a loud “FWOOSH” noise? Either way, Elder Scrolls Online is playing the Firesong when it releases to PC on November 1st and consoles on November 15th, and ZeniMax Online Studios would like to show off a gameplay teaser trailer before then.

The recent video does what most might expect of a sizzle reel as it mostly sets the scene for the DLC’s conflict involving some very spicy druids, though it is admittedly heavy on the “teaser” and light on the “gameplay.” Even so, there’s some fresh footage to ogle awaiting just below the break.

In other ESO news, a very tiny patch went live that fixes a bug occurring in the Dreadsail Reef Trial and another bug related to the Stadia version.

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