EverQuest II nails down a November 30 launch date for Renewal of Ro expansion

Sure, why not.

I assume that being the manager of social media for an MMORPG is hard work, but some days it looks pretty easy, especially when the person running the Twitter account of EverQuest II has only to tweet out a date and an image to get fans excited. That image is for the upcoming Renewal of Ro expansion, and that date is the launch date of Wednesday, November 30th.

As readers might recall, Renewal of Ro will introduce four new regions to the game, new dungeons, new raids, new tradeskill quests, new achievements, new gear, new collections, and new housing goodies, all tied to a new adventure that involves exploring the titular island and restoring the Aerakyn return to their original thread of reality. Pre-orders for the expansion already went live last month, but if you were waiting on the fence for a date before buying in, you have that date now.

source: Twitter
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