Dual Universe released new Kickstarter rewards in its 1.1 update this week

It's rated for space travel.

So what’s going on with Dual Universe since it launched? Well, you know… post-launch stuff. The game has been doing the things that you do with a game that has already launched. The 1.1 patch dropped on Monday with new Kickstarter rewards included such as new emotes and new skins for your player avatar in various colors. There are also new options for coloring your avatar’s skins and new features like Steam achievements and grid snapping while building. All good things!

This has not changed the game’s general population trajectory from moving downward, as one can see with the game’s Steam charts (these don’t tell the whole story of population, but they do establish a general trend line). Discussion on the game’s Discord is active and normal, however. Reddit has people speculating about the health of the game, but that is perhaps normal. So it’s keeping on going for the moment, losing players but not in an alarmingly swift way. Hey, that’s not nothing.

Source: Official Site (1, 2), Reddit
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