Overwatch 2 launches Winter Wonderland this week


It’s time to mark the wintery season in both Hearthstone and Overwatch 2 as both games have lined up their seasonal events for the… uh, the season. It’s the winter season as well as the holiday season. It’s all very seasonal is what we’re saying.

Specifically, Hearthstone has Winter Veil events on tap, which will be primarily kicking off on December 21st with daily missions to complete and a reward track to fill; rewards include two standard packs, a March of the Lich King pack, and the Tinker Town Toki and Ini Snowmaster battlegrounds skins. The Winter Veil season is also being marked in special Tavern Brawls on December 21st and 28th, as well as in a new Battle Bash that started yesterday. The update page has all of the details and dates.

Meanwhile, the Winter Wonderland event for OW2 is back once more, reintroducing the game’s festive arcade modes of Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Mei’s Yeti Hunt, and Freezethaw Elimination. Players can look forward to Wonderland rewards like weapon charms, player icons, sprays, and the epic Ice Queen Brigitte skin. There are also some seasonally sparkly D.Va cosmetics to nab via Twitch Drops. The Winter Wonderland is on now and will wrap up on January 4th.

sources: press release, Hearthstone website, Overwatch 2 website
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