World of Warcraft’s next patch offers new options for players suffering from dragonriding motion sickness

Gusts 'n' stuff

Does riding a dragon in World of Warcraft make you feel all funny in your tummy? Could it be true love, or could it be insidious motion sickness? The developers cannot help you with the former, but they are trying to help with the latter with new options designed to help reduce any potential motion sickness from dragonriding in the game’s next patch, due out next week for all players.

Aside from the existing state of the game’s dragonriding systems, players can choose between having a focal circle added to the center of the display while flying, having the screen edges darkened as speed increases, or both. All with the hopeful goal of letting you log in and ride your drake at high speeds about the Dragon Isles without feeling a vague (or potentially not-very-vague-at-all) inclination to go relive the contents of your most recent meal in reverse. That’s a good thing.

Source: Wowhead
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