Elder Scrolls Online teasers hint at Hermaeus Mora’s presence in the 2023 storyline


With layoffs looming, a new cadence plan, and a big reveal set for next week, The Elder Scrolls Online team is having one hell of a January, helped not one whit by the wild rumors swirling about its 2023 expansion destination. OK, maybe it’s helped a few whits.

We’ve previously covered speculation – driven by in-game lore from 2022 – that the location for the chapter will be the Telvanni-held territories of Morrowind, which has always been an iconic province for the IP.

That speculation is now being peppered with in-universe letters being dispatched by ZeniMax Online Studios to prominent players. The roleplaying teasers and symbols hint at the role of a certain daedric prince – Hermaeus Mora – and possible spellcrafting content (again, core concepts in the franchise overall). Hermaeus Mora’s role here may mean a pitstop in Apocrypha, his particular plane of Oblivion.

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Of course, the community is still busy debating what it all means and holding on to pet theories in spite of it – the chatter around which was certainly ZOS’ goal here.

The Global Reveal event is set for 3 p.m. EST on January 25th, so then we’ll know for sure. Either way, we’re hoping for a better 2023 than the game had last year.

Source: Reddit
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