Destiny 2 deep-dives the various sweeping changes Lightfall brings to character builds next month


The buildcrafting in Destiny 2 is on the cusp of a wide variety of changes to the point that the dev blog detailing it all is calling it an evolution. The new post takes a close look at the various ways Lightfall’s February 28th release will streamline and consolidate various cogs in the character building machine.

One of the first major features of this update is the addition of loadouts, which as the name suggests lets players save sets of gear and mods that can be swapped to on the fly. A total of 10 loadouts can be unlocked as players earn Guardian Ranks, and loadouts can be further customized with color coding and selected icons.

The larger portion of these changes affects mods, which Bungie admits have gotten too confusing and overberaing as the game has grown. There will be a specific mod customization UI that pulls mod and stat information into one place, and all mods will become available to players at Guardian Rank 6.

Mods also have more focused updates coming as well, as the team is removing mod energy types, making the benefits of artifact mods a season-long passive once they’re earned, and switching armor mods that boosted weapon archetype damage to instead boost a weapon’s damage type.

On top of these and other mod changes, gameplay systems are going to be adjusted to support the updates: Matching damage type to shield type will be removed from high difficulty activities, sub-classes are getting some specific anti-Champion enemy perks, and an armor charge system is being added for mods that have the Charged with Light mechanic or put down elemental wells.

All told, it’s a very granular set of updates that players will want to take note of as Lightfall’s launch looms.

source: official site, thanks to Jay for the tip!
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