Ubisoft is apparently announcing The Crew 3 today


Ubisoft has spent the first month of 2023 stewing in a mess of its own making, but apparently at least once more title at the company made it through the cancelation grinder, as the company teased The Crew 3 last night in response to a content creator’s prediction.

As PC Gamer notes, Ubisoft has apparently been working on a racing game codenamed Project Orlando, which folks thought was either The Crew 2 DLC, a spinoff called The Crew: Motorfest, or The Crew 3, or perhaps the latter two are one and the same.

The announcement will supposedly drop today at noon EST.

In other Ubisoft news, Ubisoft Paris saw around 40 workers strike this past weekend, following Ubisoft’s refusal to even consider their labor demands.

Source: Twitter via PC Gamer. Thanks, GreaterDivinity!
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