EverQuest II’s Empire of Antiquity is live with a new dungeon and two raids

It helps that this game has never looked good. I'm sorry, but not really sorry. If you love this game, you're going to need to reckon with this at some point. But that's another article.

Empire of Antiquity is the kind of expansion that would’ve gotten my attention back when I was still embedded in the EverQuest franchise, both in terms of its visuals and its theme, and lucky for extant players, it’s live in EverQuest II now.

In addition to the new Overseer season, the patch includes the Buried Takish’Hiz: Empire of Antiquity dungeon with associated quests and cheevos, the Buried Takish’Hiz: Emergence from Stone raid, the Sultan’s Mahala: Daggers Drawn raid, a new guild hall, tradeskill tasks, new collections, and gobs more for people whose idea of a fun time is decorating their houses (i.e., me).

“You’re braved the reopening of the Elddar city of Takish’Hiz and helped defeat Malachiel Caedor. And now that the Renewal of Ro has come to fruition, it’s time to explore the darker reaches of Norrath. Whispers and rumors abound that there is new power to be collected, and it has been inspiring historians, treasure seekers, and devoted worshipers to inspect every square inch of the region. Empire of Antiquity introduces all new, powerful artifacts that can be discovered along with impressive arcanum which you can learn as you investigate the history of the Elddar Empire. Along the way, you’ll need to battle some aggressive aspects of Growth while also protecting the Empire from terrors outside and even inside the realm.”

Friends, Daybreak did a trailer, and you know we get excited when Daybreak does a trailer for a patch for a nearly 20-year-old game. Have fun!

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