A serious Guild Wars 2 exploit led to a temporary Elementalist nerf over the weekend


On Saturday, ArenaNet took the unusual move of disabling a couple of Elementalist traits in Guild Wars 2 that made the Weaver spec nigh on unplayable. “We are temporarily disabling two elementalist minor traits, Weaver and Sunspot, while we address an issue. We will reactivate them as soon as possible,” the studio said late that night. “This will severely impact the weaver elite spec – we recommend that elementalist players avoid it until this is resolved.”

What ANet didn’t explain was what had happened to prompt the devs to act on a Saturday night, and it turns out to be a pretty nasty exploit that was allowing Elementalists to enter fire attunement dozens of times per second. YouTuber Mukluk was one of many people who captured footage of players using this exploit; in his clip (below), a single player has basically turned himself into a walking fireball, taking out whole raids in WvW. Players using this attunement glitch are effectively “demigods,” he argues. Here’s another clip of someone using lightning to do the same thing.

Redditors further claimed that the exploit isn’t new but recently broke into the mainstream thanks to a popular streamer streaming how to do it, prompting ArenaNet’s weekend bandaid nerfing some key traits. Presumably, the bug will be properly fixed sooner rather than later, but it sure sucks for Weaver specs in the meantime.

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