Lord of the Rings Online Update 35.1 arrives this week with anniversary event, new avatar options, and raid prep


Lord of the Rings Online’s next semi-big patch is here today — but all of Update 35.1’s bounty won’t be available at once. What is available immediately, however, is a ton of new avatar options for human characters, a lot of Warden tweaks, and the expected re-nerfing of monster health and mitigations.

And then tomorrow, LOTRO’s 16th anniversary celebrations begin. There’s a new 16-year giftbox and additional rewards (“cosmetic outfits of Illumination, forged staves, new goats, housing items”) for the event as well as the usual staple of activities. The anniversary event itself will run through May 11th.

Finally, on April 26th the next major endgame challenge arrives: the level 140 Gwathrenost raid: “Once the seat of the Witch-king of Angmar, the dread citadel of Gwathrenost casts a long shadow upon the city of Carn Dûm. All but abandoned after the Steward of Angmar was deposed, the remnants of the Iron Crown have crept forth from the shadows, seeking to master a lost artifact of the Witch-king and reclaim dominion over the realm.”

Source: LOTRO
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