Final Fantasy XI prepares for the Feast of Swords, Final Fantasy XIV prepares for a feast of cosplay at Fan Festival

Riding along in my hippomobile.

Starting this Friday, April 28th, Final Fantasy XI is offering players all the swords they can eat. Oh, you might say that the number of swords you can eat is a nice round zero, but the event that’s starting up is called the Feast of Swords, so you should at least taste one to be polite. Or maybe just use some moogle magic to smack armor-stealing brigands in the starter areas. Whatever floats your boat, more gourmet swords for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIV is preparing for its overall cosplay competition taking place at this year’s fan festival in July, with entrants welcome up until the end of June. There are, however, a lot of important guidelines to keep in mind for the safety of both cosplayers and attendees, including the stipulation that you need to wear shoes even if the character you’re depicting normally does not. Wear shoes in public. This should not be complicated or need to be stated, yet here we are.

Source: Official Site (FFXI), Fan Festival site (1, 2)
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