EVE Online begins 20th anniversary with mural reveal, events, and June Viridian expansion details


It’s time to ignore some goofass business decisions and accentuate the positive in EVE Online as the spaceship sandbox MMO is celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is cause to celebrate in spite of the aforementioned business decisions.

The occasion is first being marked by the unveiling of a mural that composites gobs of capsuleer faces into one spiffing image, while various in-game events are planned like a month-long Capsuleer Day event, a fireworks show at Jita as well as a special livestream on Saturday, May 6th, and a bunch of sales at the game’s various storefronts.

The post heralding the anniversary events also provided more details on the Viridian expansion, which is currently aiming for a June release. Players can look forward to corp structure customization, new Tech II capital ships, and the ability for corps to assign tasks and challenges for members to complete. More information about the expansion is promised soon, but for now, it’s all about celebrating 20 years.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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