World of Warcraft’s leads are ‘skeptical’ they’ll ever get gearing right

World Orlando Fontaine Warcraft, as always, is contractually obligated to show up here.

With Update 10.1.5 out the door, World of Warcraft’s dev teams have their hands full with the subsequent fallout and adjustments from this kitchen sink-style patch. Graham Berger and Ion Hazzikostas fielded questions from the community about the new Augmentation spec, gearing, battle pet dungeons, and more.

If you hoped that Blizzard would finally strike the ideal approach for gearing, then Hazzikostas has some disappointing (but not unexpected) news: “I think they’re definitely ongoing experiments, and I think it’s an evolution. Maybe one day we’ll get to a point where we say that gear is perfect and we don’t need to touch anything. I’m skeptical we’ll get there. Ultimately, we’re trying to strike a balance between preserving some sense of excitement and goals and things that you’re chasing.”

Blizzard’s seen the memes and heard reports of the new Augmentation Evoker underperforming in DPS, but it’s not taking any drastic action at present. This is partially due to the fact that this spec involves buffs, and partially because it’s relatively new on the scene and needs more time to settle.

Other reveals from the interview include no plans right now for new battle pet dungeons, a hotfix in the works to scale back flashy UI elements, and confirmation that Dragonflight is to be the default leveling experience rather than Battle for Azeroth.

Source: Wowhead
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