Lost Ark’s August-December roadmap heralds new continents, jump-start servers, and more


Yesterday, when Amazon finally put a date on the release of Lost Ark’s Aeromancer, it also teased more information en route. That info is here already as the studio has trotted out the third part of the game’s content roadmap for the year, leading all the way through December – and the roadmap is jam-packed with content. Here are the highlights:

August, of course, is anchored by next week’s release, which includes not just the Aeromancer but major improvements to chaos dungeons and card supply.

September will feature what the company is calling “jump-start servers” that will ideally push early- and mid-game players together more effectively and thereby reduce gatekeeping in raid lobbies. “We recognize that the game encountered many challenges at initial launch, with a steep progression curve, Bots and stability issues,” the team says. “We’ve made serious strides in addressing these and feel confident that the Western service is in a good place to bring players back.” The month will also see a new skin consumable, NPC rapport perks, and a battle royale mode.

October heralds Pleccia, a whole new Italianate continent and storyline, in addition to a new trial guardian raid.

November launches the Souleater advanced class, a scythe-wielding, soul-reaping assassin.

And finally, December adds yet another new continent, Voldis, “the land of sages of alchemy”; there’s also a new elixir system and abyssal dungeon.

Source: Official site, press release
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