Pirate101 unleashes a broadside of quality-of-life improvements including UI scaling and fast travel


Rub the sleep from your eyes and put on your most fashionable hook-hand, because Pirate101 just got boarded by a raft of quality-of-life improvements. The August update arrived for KingsIsle’s piratey game, bringing with it a new skeleton key boss fight, UI scaling, and a fast travel system across the world of MooShu.

The studio hopes that this patch will relieve the eye strain of players squinting too much on high-resolution monitors. Another nice QOL change involves improvements to the newbie quests to help the onboarding process.

“We’re seeing a surge of new players for Pirate101 since we made the game available on Steam,” said KingsIsle COO Leah Ruben “The surge in interest lets us accelerate the frequency of quality-of-life updates, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.”

Source: Pirate101
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