World of Warcraft Classic overhauls the PvP honor system today ahead of this week’s hardcore launch


If you ever thought that World of Warcraft’s old PvP honor system was obtuse and way too grindy to master, then you might be willing to throw the #NoChanges philosophy aside to embrace today’s rollout of Patch 1.14.4. This performs a huge overhaul to WoW Classic’s honor system, including a new interface that wasn’t present in the original vanilla version.

“When setting out to design a new system we looked at some of the primary problems with the old system and used these as a basis for what we felt needed to change for the new system to be healthier,” the studio explained. “Ranking up is now much more straightforward. You will simply need to hit specific milestones of honor points gained each week to progress through PvP ranks.”

This isn’t the only big thing to happen to WoW Classic this week; permadeath hardcore realms are scheduled to launch on Thursday, August 24th.

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