Star Trek Online Incursion launches for PC on September 12, starring Garrett Wang, Kipleigh Brown, and Erin Macdonald


Star Trek Online players will soon be boldly going back into the Multiverse plotline with the release of Incursion, coming to PC on September 12th. The PS4 and Xbox X|S launches are set for November 1st.

Star Trek Online: Incursion continues last season’s Multiverse story following a misunderstanding with the Tholians and the tearing of the Reality Vortex,” Cryptic says. “A new vortex has appeared at Starbase One and Borg are surging through it. Garrett Wang as Captain Harry Kim as well as Kipleigh Brown returning as Captain Kuumaarke. Players will also meet Captain Kim’s new Astrophysicist, Commander Erin Macdonald, as seen on Star Trek: Prodigy. Commander Erin Macdonald is played by Erin Macdonald, an astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, Star Trek science advisor and host of the YouTube channel, Dr. Erin Explains the Universe.”

The content release includes the new Taken by Surprise episode, the Resistance of Starbase One task force op, the Guillotine task force op, an expansion for T6 ship upgrades, and the Borg Tesseract season 30 event. Yep, this is technically the 30th season for the long-running MMO.

Source: Official site, press release
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