Overwatch 2 promises regional rollout of moderation features, naming crackdowns, and text chat tweaks

Yeah, bye.

The Defense Matrix posts out of Overwatch 2 are primarily focused on “[quelling] the cheating, disruptive chat, and griefing issues that negatively impact many multiplayer video games, including Overwatch 2,” and the latest such post out of Blizzard once more zeroes in on several of those efforts.

Blizzard has removed the game’s Unfiltered text chat option wholesale, shifting those using this preset into the existing Mature text chat option, while the Friendly text chat option that filters out certain terms remains intact.

The vast majority of the post outlines existing moderation work and its expansion to other regions worldwide, including automating voice chat moderation, cracking down on custom game names that either feature offensive terms or advertise for services, banning cheaters and identifying those who benefit from playing with cheaters, and expanding terms that can get caught by text chat filters. Ultimately the post urges players to continue to send in reports on various matters to aid in these multi-front fights.

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