Overwatch 2 outlines upcoming character balancing, promises more ways to acquire popular skins


Season 7 is well and truly underway in Overwatch 2, which means that the developers are taking a look at player feedback and metrics and readying to turn the balancing knobs, and that leads us to the game’s latest Director’s Take address about what’s coming next on that front.

The post opens with some details of how Sombra’s rework for the new season has landed among players, noting that while discussions seem to swing towards arguments of being overpowered or underpowered, the data show that she’s “stickier” than normal, suggesting she’s becoming many players’ main character, and that overall the team is happy with where she sits in the current meta.

Of course that’s not to suggest that nothing will change later in the season: Support heroes are due for a little bit of a careful nerfing in order to reduce their sustain but not make them frustrating to play like when the game launched, the devs are waiting to see how Orisa’s early adjustment this season settles into the game before making any further tweaks, Bastion’s Assault form will see a nerf in the mid-season patch, and a rework for Roadhog is planned for sometime after mid-season.

The post then closes with a nod towards complaints about the Lillith Moira skin being crammed into the game’s ultimate battle pass bundle, confirming that skins will continue to be sold with this kind of bundle going forward but also promising that the team will “make sure that [it] provide[s] more ways to acquire some of [the game’s] most popular skins.”

Speaking of skins, OW2 is entering into a collaboration with K-pop group LE SSERAFIM that will feature a themed game mode, themed items including legendary hero skins, and a music video for the song “Perfect Night” put together by the group and the shooter. The video will premiere on October 26th and the in-game event will debut on November 1st, with more details scheduled for October 30th.

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