Here are the patch notes for World of Warcraft’s Guardians of the Dream update

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The time is coming soon when World of Warcraft players will have to protect the Emerald Dream from various threats, but before that point, they should probably get prepared by reading a battle plan. This is a very flowery way of saying that Blizzard has published patch notes ahead of the Guardians of the Dream update’s arrival on November 7th. I just used some light purple prose because I’m a roleplayer. Sue me.

The notes offer the expected bundle of details including release timing for the new raid and its various rewards and content features for November 14th’s Dragonflight Season 3, on top of other features like the Emerald Dream’s zone and events, three new dragonriding glyphs, weekly Battleground Blitz brawls, and new customization for Blood Elves and Druid forms.

What will likely be most important to players is an absolutely immense list of class changes. Highlights include reduced mana restoration for healers “to make healing more enjoyable,” updates to all four Rogue talent trees intended to “bring them up to current standards,” talent location changes for Demon Hunter’s Havoc and Vengeance trees along with new talents, and tweaks to Evoker agumentation buffs to make them feel less like a requirement in raids. That is just the tip of a very large iceberg, so WoW players are probably going to want to read the full notes for more.

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