Fractured Online opens character creation ahead of next week’s early access relaunch


We’re less than a week away from the relaunch of Dynamight’s Fractured Online, nearly a year since since the studio began the process of disentangling itself from publisher Gamigo. The Kickstarted MMORPG sandbox has another post up today to help guide returning players through the process of reclaiming their game – particularly those who snagged the game on Steam last year before it was pulled back from early access.

Fractured Online has officially been patched with the base build that’s going to be used for relaunch on November 8!” the team writes. “This new Steam build no longer includes Glyph, which was gamigo’s proprietary launcher, nor any other third-party launcher. Because of this, the folder structure of the client files has changed radically, and the Steam patcher might fail to update.” Players will need to link their Steam account to the equivalent Fractured Online account or create one from scratch to make sure their founder packs and early purchases carry over.

Once you’re all set up, you can start working on your characters – yep, that’s up early too – although not everyone can claim names right now; you’ll need to have picked up a founder pack tiered “legend” or higher to grab Legoleet before anyone else can.

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