Tarisland starts second closed beta November 15, teases a new class, and talks design and influences in video digest


Tarisland has chosen today to erupt with a bunch of news about itself, including a calendar date for its second closed beta and a pair of videos that talk about the game and tease a new class. We’ll leave the timing of this rush of news up to your own interpretation, but it couldn’t possibly be aimed at a certain event, now could it?

First, the biggie: The next closed beta test is starting on Wednesday, November 15th, with signups available right now on the game’s website until November 12th. The test will be for both PC and Android players across several different countries and feature a variety of updates including two new classes – a shadowy swordsman and what looks like a druidic caster – a new raid, one PvP arena and two PvP battlegrounds, and some new systems including an inscribed stone skill and dark invasions.

According to a follow-up FAQ, closed beta will be a gradual process, with North American, South American, EU, and Asian servers opening their doors at different times on November 15th and 16th. The FAQ also confirms that testing will run for at least two weeks and will have optional in-game purchases; more details are promised later, but Tencent’s Level Infinite promises to ensure that “players find their investments in the game worthwhile and that any chosen purchases meet their expectations.”

The announcement of this second closed beta also came along with a new trailer featuring some of the devs who talk about the inspiration behind Tarisland, express their love of the MMORPG genre, and continue to promise a balanced experience in terms of gameplay and monetization.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2), YouTube (1, 2)
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