Tarisland addresses genderlocking and pay-to-win, boosts raiding over crafting


Following Tarisland’s second closed beta, Tencent has resurfaced with another dev blog exploring player feedback – and what the company aims to do about it in terms of adjusting the game prior to launch. The big news here is that Tencent is finally and fully obliterating the gender lock that is so deeply unpopular.

“We […] have decided to remove the gender lock for all the classes in future versions to meet player expectations and create a more pluralistic and encompassing game. This process is going to be very exciting, but also complex and time-consuming. The development team needs time to ensure the animations and art style of characters meet our high requirement. Your kind understanding and patience would be highly appreciated. We will keep you updated on the progress and share previews with you in the future.”

However, the studio has taken a sledgehammer to crafting in favor of raids: “In future versions, class armor sets can only be obtained through raids, and armor sets cannot be crafted. This adjustment will ensure the superiority and irreplaceability of drops in raids.”

Finally, the team aims to remove the trading of inscribed stone energy and set the stones and gold coins as rewards for in-game and daily activities at a more reasonable rate, which ought to reduce at least some of the pay-to-win complaints, though Twitter suggests otherwise.

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