World of Warcraft previews eight more Hero Talent Trees

Sure, all right.

If you’re eager to check out the Hero Talent Trees in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, well… you’re going to have to wait until it’s in testing, at least, but you can get an idea from the latest preview. Eight trees are up in early forms for players, including Templar Paladins, Trickster Rogues, and Elune’s Chosen Druids. Obviously, these are still early versions of the trees, but if you’re curious to see how things are shaping up, now is the time to check things out.

Of course, if your affections turn more toward WoW Classic for whatever reason, you are… hopefully excited about experiencing Cataclysm again because otherwise the near future is going to sort of blow. This might be an even nearer future, as there are hints that the beta for the next classic expansion will be going up soon. So good news if you’re looking forward to that and bad news if you were hoping to just hang out in Northrend forever?

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