Guild Wars 2 previews Janthir Wilds’ land spears for Elementalists, Mesmers, and Revenants


Here we go: ArenaNet has finally dropped a dev blog on the final third of Guild Wars 2’s classes destined for spear usage come the launch of Janthir Wilds. It’s already covered spear use for Rangers, Necros, Guardians, Warriors, Thieves, and Engineers; now it’s time for Elems, Mesmers, and Revenants.

First, Mesmers will apparently be using their land spears to perform a hodge-podge of skills, including an AoE and a dash, inspired by the environment itself. “Mesmer spear is a mobile, high-damage weapon with dynamic gameplay,” ArenaNet says. “Due to the unique requirement for careful spacing, this weapon might take some getting used to – but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself weaving a pattern of victory.”

Revenants, on the other hand, are going all in on condition-centric damage; Revs will use their Abyssal Raze skill as a set-up, then pay it off with the other four skills.

Finally, we’ve got Elementalists, who will wield their land spear as “a long-range, power-damage weapon capable of conjuring powerful elemental forces such as volcanos, whirlpools, and lightning storms.”

“The spear has a couple of minor defensive tools but is primarily focused on damage and crowd control,” the team explains, “leading to a ‘glass cannon’ style of play that will be more comfortable when you’re unleashing spells from a distance rather than ending up in the thick of combat.”

The post finishes up by reminding players about tomorrow’s land spear stream and next week’s open beta, when all players can test these skills out for themselves.

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