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Mytheon releases its Egypt DLC (and it’s on sale)

You might recall that last month, Petroglyph Games brought back Mytheon, a cute isometric MMO that’s steeped in cultural mythology. You might also recall that the studio said that if all went well, it would dust off work that was done previously on a new Egyptian region and finish it up.

Well good news, everybody: Egypt is already here for the game. Even better news: It’s on sale as a pretty cheap DLC pack.

Egypt raises the level cap in Mytheon to 40 while adding a whopping 66 stones to the game (which is a lot better than it sounds to non-players). There’s also a new Thebes adventure area with nine new maps, a dueling instance, and a new PvP scenario.

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Paladins introduces two new game modes in today’s ‘Chicken Patch’

Hi-Rez’s online shooter Paladins is undergoing a major patch for its ongoing closed beta today. The so-dubbed “Chicken Patch” introduces new game modes, Survival and Payload, the latter of which is played out in a new map called Outpost:

“Attackers must attempt to push the Payload along the tracks to the Defenders base to win the game. Defenders must keep the Attackers off the Payload cart long enough for the time to run out. If the Attackers reach the checkpoints they gain additional time.”

There’s much more to the update, including a big balance pass for champions. We’ve included both tutorial videos below.

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WoW Legion makes major changes to specializations and transmog sets

Are you tired of dealing with dual specs in World of Warcraft? It was revealed at BlizzCon that the existing spec system was going to change so that players could freely switch between specs, a feature that has been added in the most recent build of the Legion testing. As it stands, switching specs costs 100g a round, with a free swap back to your primary specialization. The developers have stressed that this cost is a placeholder, with ongoing discussion about whether or not there should even be a cost.

Being unable to freely switch between two specs would break up the gameplay for several players, but another change coming in the expansion might break up appearances more thoroughly. Armor types will no longer change for Warriors, Paladins, Shaman, and Hunter players at level 40; all of those classes will use the appropriate armor from level 1, which means that several old Mail pieces are being upgraded to Plate. That means that existing transmogs for Shaman and Hunter may well become unwearable and unusable, something worth considering as you determine your character looks going into the expansion.


Firefall’s update is live and servers are up, but old characters are still offline

The most recent Firefall patch faced some pretty significant downtime due to issues with its implementation; players were updated on the state of the patch yesterday with a full rundown of the technical issues facing the team. The good news is that as of this morning, the game’s servers are online and the patch is running. Bad news? Existing characters aren’t ready for play as the team runs through the remaining issues with character migration. Community manager FadedPez continued to keep players updated:

The update is now live, but without migration. Characters created prior to the start of the maintenance are currently hidden. Don’t worry, they aren’t gone! We’re continuing to work on our migration script. We’re getting really close with it and once it’s completely done and tested we will deploy the script and pre-existing characters will be visible again (with no changes to them). At that point, you may step through your character migration and get back to playing your character.

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Blizzard delays the return of Overwatch’s beta to February

Blizzard has delayed the return of Overwatch’s beta, according to a post on the official forums today.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan says that the tentatively planned resumption date of mid-to-late January isn’t happening because the team isn’t ready and wants to add “one more big feature to the next beta patch”:

“After looking through all of the feedback from last year, one of the things we noticed players consistently mentioning was their desire for more game modes in Overwatch, in addition to Point Capture and Payload. Without getting into specifics, we are working on a new game mode. And we’re very excited about it! And we have some great new maps to support it, too, but we need a little more time to get everything just right.”

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PvE finally comes to HEX next week

For the longest time, PvE seemed like it would never arrive in the beleaguered HEX — so much so that it became a running joke of sorts. Well, it’s time to put that joke to bed, because HEX announced that it will be coming out with the first installment of its PvE game next week.

“Not a day goes by where we don’t get asked, ‘When is PvE coming?'” the studio posted. “Well, the answer is… THE END OF JANUARY! Yes, the week of January 24th we’re planning on launching the first update for PvE, of which there will be many to come!”

The first update, called Chronicles of Entrath, will allow players to create a character by picking a faction and race, choices of which will impact the story. From there, players will venture to Crayburn Castle to explore, experience the story, and fight many a battle.

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Heroes of the Storm will add Diablo’s Wizard and Necromancer to its lineup

Do you miss playing a Necromancer in Diablo II? It’s not quite the same when you play a round of Heroes of the Storm, but you can still get that necromantic rush with the upcoming addition of Xul the Necromancer. The game is also going to add in Li-Ming the Wizard from Diablo III, giving players all of the casting diabolical action anyone could desire. You may want to get some practice in before playing the characters in question, though, as both are intended to have a decently high skill cap.

A new balance patch has also been released to help keep the existing heroes of the game in line. Lunara, Brightwing, and Stitches have all gotten some buffs to their performance, while Raynor has been made a bit more vulnerable, Tyrande’s abilities have been tuned down, and Malfurion has had his healing powers shifted slightly. It remains to be seen how much these changes will affect the game’s metagame in the long run, but that’s what balance patches do.


The Elder Scrolls Online previews Thieves Guild DLC with a new trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online has been teasing its Thieves Guild DLC for a while now, and today we have a closer look at the lore and the mechanics.

“The Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing, an organization of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves, is being hunted by a mercenary guard force known as the Iron Wheel. This relentless organization will stop at nothing to see the guild brought to justice for a high-stakes heist that went horribly wrong. As their newest recruit, you’ll sneak along rooftops, steal from the shadows, and recover lost treasures to help to restore the guild’s reputation.”

ZeniMax says that the update will be divided into DLC and a patch. We’ll be joining the Thieves Guild, questing in a new Hammerfell subzone, trekking through “hours of exciting new story content,” and dying in the new 12-man raid. Check out the brand-new trailer below.

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Firefall’s Razor’s Edge update suffers migration-related delays and downtime

Firefall’s Razor’s Edge update yesterday didn’t exactly go to plan, which you know if you’ve been desperately trying to log in to no avail.

Red 5 Studios Community Manager FadedPez told players yesterday morning that the company was delaying the update as a result of numerous issues, including Steam purchasing errors, blank tooltips, zone chat bugs, and UI problems associated with character migration. Last last night, he explained that migration issues continued, keeping the game and update offline.

For anyone that has tried an advanced battleframe for a trial weekend and did not unlock it permanently, we are granting you that battleframe at the level of progression you left off. If the frame is below 20, it will be bumped up to level 20 and granted an uncommon loadout (which is what we are doing with all advanced battleframes under 20).

We cleared out all the old missions from existing players’ activity logs and everyone will be starting at the NPE in Copacabana, starting with attempting to sync with the Copa SIN tower. Each character only needs to go through this once.

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You’re going to have to purchase World of Warcraft: Legion twice for early access and a physical collector’s edition

Remember all of the absurdity about World of Warcraft‘s collector’s edition with Warlords of Draenor? That was ridiculous. Basically, if you wanted to pre-order the collector’s edition for the physical goodies but also wanted the digital goodies, you had to buy the expansion twice and then ask customer service to disassociate your “extra” key from your account so you could… hand it to someone else. Pretty ridiculous, but at least the developers learned a lesson and wouldn’t do that again for Legion, right?

By “wouldn’t do that again” we of course mean “did exactly that again without a trace of irony.”

Yes, if you want all of the digital goodies for the Collector’s Edition and early access to the Demon Hunter class, you will have to buy the game digitally. If you want that and the physical edition, you’re going to have to buy both and hope that you have a friend in dire need of the expansion code after the fact. Player response to this has been… well, exactly as positive as you’d expect.


Blade & Soul plans new servers to combat queues

The good news is that Blade & Soul is turning out to be pretty popular here in the west. The bad news is that Blade & Soul is turning out to be pretty popular here in the west, to the point that the servers are straining to contain all of you.

“With such a successful reception of the Blade & Soul launch, our servers have begun overflowing with players who are excited to jump into The Earthen Realm,” NCsoft community rep Rukkiri told forumgoers this evening. “Our servers are reaching their maximum capacity and many players are waiting in queues at this time.”

The company says it has “significantly raised the maximum capacity of [its] servers” and “restricted character creation on servers as needed” to balance the servers. A round of server transfers ended earlier today as well. Idlers, you’ll be kicked from the game now thanks to a new hotfix, so if you need to AFK to pee, pee quickly. New servers are on the way too:

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Lord of the Rings Online’s latest patch expands Minas Tirith questing

Lord of the Rings Online is releasing a medium-weight patch today tailored to Minas Tirith gameplay.

Of note, there are new quests scattered throughout the White City in iconic locations as well as Sandson’s Farm. There’s a new “public endgame space” in the Cisterns and new stable points too. Expect tweaks to the Dol Amroth endgame tokens, melee mounted combat skills, and furniture hooks, plus a dozen-odd big fixes.

The most critical patch note involves the new emote collection UI. LOTRO players are currently contemplating the mystery of how to restore the fabled fart emote, which was allegedly removed from the game a few years ago thanks to griefing and is not included in the UI, even though using it still produces a cryptic message. Hey, you guys wanted secrets in MMOs. Be careful what you wish for!


Firefall releases Razor’s Edge update, disables west coast datacenter

If you heard an earth-rumbling boom this morning and didn’t know the source, let us tell you: It was the arrival of Firefall’s 1.6 update, Razor’s Edge.

The massive patch makes a lot of changes to combat while feeding both the PvP and PvE sides of the game. Some of the update bullet points include the new Jetball arena PvP mode, a Holdout mode for PvE, a Defense of Dredge raid, new difficulty modes for instances, a restructuring of some of the game’s narrative flow, two new operations, the bounty system, better progression, a combat pass for all battleframes, the elite ranks advancement system, an equipment tinkering system, an improved LFG tool, and more equipment slots. Whew!

This update comes at a time of major change for some of Firefall’s population. Red 5 says that it’s decided to take the US-West datacenter offline and transfer everyone over to the east coast datacenter to save costs.

Source: Patch notes, US-West migration. Thanks to I-Spy for the tip!


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