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Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol’s Japanese launch is beset by delays, login issues, and cash shop problems

Today marked the official Japanese launch of Bandai-Namco's MMORPG Blue Protocol, and as is very frequently the case for these occasions, the launch was...

MapleStory brings a new class, improved leveling, and a new event in its Savior update

MapleStory is once again getting another big content drop on Wednesday, June 14th, in the form of the Savior update, which will introduce a...

Blue Protocol’s latest preview video highlights the variety of items players can craft

Can you make a sizzle reel out of MMO crafting? Blue Protocol has certainly given it the old college try with its latest Japanese...
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Blue Protocol JP opens for pre-installation, details battle pass, and shares post-launch content roadmap

Japanese fans of Bandai-Namco's MMORPG Blue Protocol are just under a week away from enjoying the title, but the anticipation is already being kicked...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis dates features, events, and quests coming in June’s ver. 2 update

Wednesday, June 7th, will start bringing the big ver. 2 update to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which means that Sega has begun...

Fiesta Online’s Rise of Elga update invites players to an underwater kingdom today

Fiesta Online is heralding today - Tuesday, May 30th, - as a big day: It's when the devs will be releasing what Gamigo is...

Blue Protocol’s latest Japanese teaser trailer release focuses on character creation options

The parade of teaser hype trailers continues to spew forth from Blue Protocol's Japanese dev team. First it was about locations, then it was...

Blue Protocol drops location flythrough trailer ahead of Japanese launch

Now that we've all been disheartened by the news of Blue Protocol's global launch delay into 2024, it's time to look at a whole...
Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol hosts a postmortem livestream after its latest Japanese network test

At the beginning of April, the devs for Bandai Namco's anime MMORPG Blue Protocol promised they would share the results of the latest network...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis gets housing, a new enemy type, and cel-shaded visual options in June

Apparently, the June update headed to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is sizeable enough that developer Sega is calling it "ver. 2" ...

Blue Protocol wraps up its Japanese network test, releases music trailer

This past weekend saw the Japanese network test for Blue Protocol come to an end, so now it stands to reason that the devs...

Blue Protocol devs announce March 31 date for its next network test while previewing new valley zone

"Mid-March" has now become late March, but regardless the Japanese network test for Blue Protocol is indeed starting this month: A recent livestream from...

Closers kicks off a springtime event and opens up four new Beast King dungeons

Don't let Closers' recent series of tweets fool you; there's more in terms of content other than opening your wallet. In fact, there's a...

Blue Protocol projects a mid-March window for its next network test and a March 1 release of a benchmark tool

As followers of the anime-styled MMO Blue Protocol know, the game's next Japanese network test was delayed a second time thanks to a particularly...

X-LEGEND confirms its plans for a global re-launch of Eden Eternal

Earlier in the week Redditors discovered some indications that Eden Eternal was on its way to a return following its closure by Gamigo. We...

Blue Protocol once again delays its upcoming Japanese network test to sometime in late March

For those who were looking forward to Blue Protocol making its next step forward in Japan (and by extension moving closer to its late...

Blue Protocol confirms an early spring launch in Japan, schedules an announcement at the Game Awards

The beginning of this month saw Blue Protocol rise from its presumed grave, confirming that work is still ongoing and announcing plans for a...

Closers is kicking off an autumn jumping event that fast-tracks characters to max level

Who has time for the tedium of going through story missions or slowly ramping up an MMO character's power? Closers players with a desire...

Closers expands group matchmaking, makes Mock Battle weekly, and improves tooltips in new update

Regular players of Closers are likely familiar with the Mock Battle system, a seasonal challenge mode that tasks players with beating down boss monsters...