Valiance Online is developing stunning special effects

When Valiance Online puts out its next playable alpha build, it may just be the visual effects that will send players jumping up and...
So, probably not.

Best Buy is pulling Oculus demo stations

The best hope for VR headsets to move units is indisputably in the field of demonstrations. That's really always been the hope that the...

E3 2016: Previewing Elite Dangerous VR

At this year's E3, I sat down with Elite: Dangerous' Senior Designer Sandy Sammarco and PR/Communications Manager Michael Grapper to talk about the game's successes and...
Oh my gosh, did they try.

E3 2016: Hands-on with Nexon’s LawBreakers

Going into E3 this year, I didn't think LawBreakers would be something we'd cover at MOP. I also didn't expect much out of it, even with CliffyB's...

E3 2016: A look at Blade & Soul’s new class, the Soul Fighter

Blade & Soul hasn't yet been out for a year and it's already gotten several updates, all good news for the players. While I had...

Chronicles of Elyria releases world interaction tech preview video

Following its announcement yesterday that Chronicles of Elyria will make use of the SpatialOS platform for handling the massively multiplayer scope of the game,...

Exile Online invites you into a dark cyberpunk world

Jonesing for a nice bite of cyberpunk in your MMO diet? Then you might want to keep one augmented eye on Exile Online, an upcoming...

Massively OP’s sneak peek of Atlas Reactor, Trion’s turn-based strategy MOBA

I first experienced Atlas Reactor just before Trion made its big announcement at the PAX Prime party last summer. At the time, I didn’t...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO monetization schemes don’t piss you off?

Gamasutra argued last week that there are three effective in-app purchase strategies that mobile gamers don't hate: the classic demo, where players can try the...

Not So Massively: PAX East 2015 MOBA roundup edition

It's been a huge week for online gaming, with GDC drawing to a close and PAX East being packed full of reveals. We heard...

Star Citizen is letting everyone fly for free this week

Fellow players, the galaxy is your oyster this week, for Star Citizen is allowing anyone to test drive one of its ships in the...
Hooray, Rytlock's actually doing something!

Hands-on with Guild Wars 2’s Revenant

It might be premature, but I'm pretty sure that the Revenant is my favorite profession in Guild Wars 2. And strangely, it's because it...