lunar new year

World of Warcraft is selling a Lunar New Year bunny mount while Wrath Classic moves into Phase 2

To mark the upcoming Lunar New Year festival -- and no doubt be an early year fundraiser -- World of Warcraft is selling a...

Neverwinter invites you to comfort doggos during its fireworks-bedazzled Feast of Lanterns

If you're not tired of bunnies invading MMOs - and really, I don't think I ever will be, bunnies are great - then point...

Overwatch 2 revives three arcade brawls for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year in Overwatch is not a new concept, largely because Overwatch itself is not a new concept, but 2023 will mark the...

Destiny 2 teases Lightfall’s cyberpunk metropolis Neomuna, Lunar New Year events

Destiny 2 gamers gearing up for the launch of Lightfall next month are being treated to a brand-new trailer from Bungie today, resplendent in...

Closers launches a new dungeon, tweaks game systems, and celebrates the year of the rabbit

An update made to Closers last week is once again something of a buffet of different items, featuring a new dungeon encounter, several game...

Diablo Immortal launches a Lunar New Year event and adds a slew of new legendary items

The latest patch for Diablo Immortal is something of a tale of two foci. On the one hand, the update is marking the Lunar...

Atlas plans an Xbox crossplay PTS, adds bunnies for Lunar New Year

Studio Wildcard's Grapeshot Games is joining the list of MMO studios rolling out a lucky red carpet for Lunar New Year, although Atlas' next...

Guild Wars 2’s Lunar New Year festival is live for the Year of the Rabbit

Lunar New Year doesn't technically begin until January 22nd, but try telling that to the MMO genre, which seldom misses an opportunity to party...

EVE Online says lowsec murder and ship production are up since Uprising

In its first producer's letter of 2023, CCP Games is once again talking up EVE Online's active players, but if you're hoping for an...

Guild Wars 2’s Lunar New Year festival returns (to Tyria) next week

I hope you guys don't suffer from leporiphobia because you're about to see a whole lot of rabbits pretty much everywhere for the next...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s January events start cold, but the raids are hot

The new year won't be starting strong for Pokemon GO players, as Niantic has outlined a rather recycled-sounding New Year's event starting at 8 p.m....

Star Citizen celebrates Lunar New Year with hidden red envelopes and ship paints for sale

It's the Year of the Monkey! In Star Citizen's universe, anyway. To celebrate the in-game 2952 and real-world 2022 Lunar New Year, CIG has...

Massively on the Go: February Pokemon GO events are a love/hate relationship

Some things are staying the same in Pokemon GO this February: weekly 1 coin Remote Raid Passes, the return of old Mega and Tier 5 raid pokemon, a...

Hearthstone brings in ‘Battlegrounds Buddies’ and passive Merc training

Despite the name, Battleground Buddies is not a new line from Hasbro that makes the military industrial complex seem cute and cuddly. Rather, it's...

Guild Wars 2 helps tide you over to the expansion with Lunar New Year 2022

Kind of bummed that new year is over? Reluctant to take down the streamers, shiny balloons, and champagne? Desperate to hold on to the...

Star Citizen previews alpha docking features, launches Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year events

It's a bunch of Star Citizen stuff today, with the usual weekly episode of Inside Star Citizen as well as some highlighted seasonal events...

Lunar New Year sales and events arrive to Steam, Champions Online, and gobs more

It's lovely seeing the Lunar New Year holiday continue to rise in prominence in the west - and especially in online video games. And...
Ox in, free.

Neverwinter celebrates the Year of the Ox

It's time for the Year of the Ox in Neverwinter starting today, and if you've long been waiting for ox content in the game, you...
sky boats

Star Citizen plans a free fly event, a Lunar New Year event, and a vehicle team AMA this month

With the month of February just beginning, fans and followers of Star Citizen will have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks...

Blizzard celebrates Lunar New Year in World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone

Blizzard is no slouch when it comes to Lunar New Year celebrations: Its largest online titles have all gotten updates for the season. In World...