Lunar New Year sales and events arrive to Steam, Champions Online, and gobs more


It’s lovely seeing the Lunar New Year holiday continue to rise in prominence in the west – and especially in online video games. And especially when it elbows Valentine’s Day out of the way. Here for it!

Last night, Steam ushered in the holiday with its massive – but relatively short – Lunar New Year sale, so you can sneak in and grab cheap the stuff you meant to buy during the Christmas sale and forgot about because that thing drags on for weeks. Or is that just me? Everything from Elder Scrolls Online and No Man’s Sky to Sea of Thieves and Elite Dangerous is sporting a minified pricetag.

Gobs of games are running sales in alignment with the festivities, including Warframe, Twin Saga, and Conan Exiles. We’ve got a few more game events to mention too:

  • Champions Online (yes, really) has its a themed event as the wizard Hi-Pan has brought Red Banner cultists to Millennium City to steal mystical artifacts. You’ll be helping The Drifter put a stop to that.
  • In honor of the year of the Ox, Defiance is running several events in its version of Chinatown through Monday noon.
  • Star Citizen is beset by a siege of red envelopes! Better go find them…
  • And TERA has a big pile of dungeons players can tackle over the holiday.

Don’t miss the other Lunar New Year events we’re tracking this season…

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