MMORTS Million Lords launches tomorrow – check out this exclusive trailer

Here's an MMO new to me and to the site: Million Lords. It's an MMORTS that rolls out of beta tomorrow and into final...

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs made by tiny teams

I don't really have to tell you this, but creating an MMORPG is a huge undertaking. These are some of the most complex games...

The MOP Up: Skyforge hisses and burns

It's (sigh) mass hiss-teria in Skyforge these days thanks to Gorgonide forces invading the place. Gorgonide? Really? Devs ain't even trying these days. Anyway,...

EVE-inspired MMORTS Starborne celebrates its third alpha server launch

Have you ever heard of Starborne? It's a large-scale MMORTS where players seek to control territory in a massive map over individual eight week-long...
Well, this blows.

Leyou states it has plans for both Transformers Online and Civilization Online

Remember Leyou? It's the same company that's working on a new Lord of the Rings title in concert with Amazon, you know. Turns out...
Let's go for a walk, then we'll get along.

Destiny’s Sword has almost reached its funding target with two days to go

The bad news for Destiny's Sword is that the title has not yet funded, still sitting at a bit over a thousand dollars to...

The Game Archaeologist: 1998’s Mankind

In the annals of the MMO genre, the massively multiplayer RTS has had perhaps the worst go of any variations on these online games....

Age of Empires Online lives on in the Project Celeste player-run emulator

'Tis the season for player-run servers, right? And we've got another for you to take a peek at: It's for Age of Empires Online,...

Warframe of Mind: Celebrating six years of Space Ninja history

Happy birthday! Warframe commemorated its sixth anniversary this week (or last week, depending on which date you go by), and that means it's time...

Not So Massively: Welcoming a new era of online games and gaming

Hello, Massively Overpowered readers! Not So Massively is back, with a new captain at the helm. My name's Tyler. If you're active in the MMO...

Bold New World update brings new biomes and graphical enhancements to The Imperial Realm

Open world MMORTS The Imperial Realm has gotten a fresh splash of pretty paint with its Bold New World update. The recent patch has...

The Game Archaeologist: Terra, SubSpace, and Sovereign

In the MMO industry, science fiction has always taken the role of the overlooked little brother to big sister fantasy's popularity. Sure, there have...

Firefly Studios announces new MMO city-builder Romans: Age of Caesar

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to announce Romans: Age of Caesar, a new grand-strategy MMO from Firefly Studios, creator of...

Funcom’s Conan Unconquered isn’t an MMO – it’s a strategy game

When Funcom announced last week that it was debuting yet another Conan title, the guessing game was on. Battle royale? OARPG? Mobile? Retro? RPG?...

Kickstarted MMORTS War of Conquest has landed on Steam early access

Ever wonder why game studios seem so hesitant to marry MMORPGs and strategy games anywhere but on mobile? War of Conquest is doing just...

Kingdoms of Marazia offers simple-looking but cutthroat multiplayer real-time strategy

It seems so long ago that we lived in the halcyon days of real-time strategy dominance in the PC market. Remember when Command and...
Cluster of stuff.

EVE Online is hard at work on fixing downtime and mitigating DDOS attacks

All of the balance changes in the world won't help EVE Online players if the game's servers are down, and considering that the game...

‘Full multiplayer experience’ flies into No Man’s Sky today

There's no reason to explore the galaxy solo, thanks to today's massive No Man's Sky NEXT update. The "full multiplayer experience" has finally arrived...

No Man’s Sky’s Next update drops next week with absurd amounts of space and land content

Don't call it an MMO yet, but Even More Multiplayer is making its way to No Man's Sky with its "Next" update. Hello Games...

Star Control Origins includes multiplayer fleet battles

Hands up if you've played Star Control 2 back in the day (and shame on you if you haven't!). This '90s-era space RPG sent...