PLEX, short for pilot license extension, is EVE Online’s virtual currency.

EVE Online: DDOS, sale, and the player auction that brought in $33,000 for charity

Never let it be said that games can't make a difference. One EVE Online player, struck by the tragedy of the Australian bushfires, put an...
In space, no one can transmit illness.

EVE Online player makes a 1 million PLEX bid for charity

Last week, we reported on a PLEX for GOOD charity event being run by EVE Online to benefit the Australian brush fires victims. That...

EVE Online’s charity campaign to support victims of Australian bushfires is now live

Last week, CCP Games announced that it was reviving its PLEX for GOOD campaign specifically to raise funds for victims of the Australian bushfires...

EVE Online will run a PLEX for GOOD charity campaign to support victims of Australian bushfires

On this week's Massively OP Podcast, Justin and I answered an email from an Australian reader (hi Jack!) and mused on how odd it...

EVE Evolved: First impressions of the EVE Echoes mobile beta

EVE Online has been a PC MMO staple now for over 16 years, carving out a niche for itself as a long-term hobby with...

EVE Online’s ‘free market’ patch – and new gambling system – are live

Today's EVE Online update is a juicy one for players who dip into the economic corner of the game, and let's be honest, everyone...

EVE Online’s new HyperNet Relay reintroduces gambling to New Eden

Remember way back in 2016, when CCP Games outlawed gambling in EVE Online's universe after turning a blind eye for over a decade? In...

EVE Evolved: Is the EVE Online community a force for good in the world?

When we write or talk about MMO communities, we often focus on the practicalities of guilds or in-game events, the drama of forums, and...

EVE Evolved: The war on bots in EVE Online

The news dropped recently that EVE Online will be adding some new limitations and restrictions to its free-to-play tier, which may seem odd to...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online has a gambling problem

The gambling debate has kicked off again in EVE Online, this time in response to the annual Guardian's Gala event that's currently running throughout...

EVE Online updates players on its efforts in fighting against bots

Even in the cutthroat world of EVE Online, there are things you can't get away with, and one of those things is botting. The latest...

The Daily Grind: What’s the goofiest currency in all of MMO land?

So then, MMOs and online games. We've got gems, crystals, shards, marks, tickets, tomes, lumps, keys, tokens, commendations, shells, scraps, favors, coins, orders, fragments,...

Dataminers dig up EVE Online’s Chinese server elements: RMT interfaces and prison sentences

Ah, datamining, the best way to guess about what's coming to EVE Online in future patches based on incomplete evidence! (And every other game,...

EVE Evolved: Two ways that EVE Online’s monetisation could be expanded under Pearl Abyss

When Pearl Abyss bought out CCP Games last week, the overwhelming message to EVE Online players was that it would be business as usual...

EVE Online banned almost 10,000 bots and unauthorized RMT participants this summer

CCP Games has made communicating just how it's "coming for the bots" in EVE Online a priority all year, both before and after players...

EVE Evolved: A furious supercapital war is raging in EVE Online

This year kicked off with a bang for EVE Online as rumblings emerged of impending war on a scale that the gaming world had...
AdVenture Capitalists

EVE Online sells a bundle of ‘Venture’ skins for 120 Plex, poking fun at Star Citizen

Someone at CCP Games is obviously having quite a lot of fun with the latest EVE Online skin bundle. The bundle of skins for...
Sure, explosions are great, but have you ever looked at graphs.

EVE Online prepares major conversion of player outposts and conquerable stations

As Brendan detailed in his EVE Fanfest coverage last month, EVE Online's structures are due for a huge overhaul, be they NPC fortification or...

EVE Evolved: Getting ready for EVE Online’s Abyssal revolution

If you've seen the news recently coming out of EVE Fanfest 2018, you've probably heard of EVE Online's upcoming expansion: Into the Abyss. Pockets...

EVE Online preps for Fanfest 2018, puts a bounty on the head of Twitch streamers

Twitch streamers are ready to rumble in EVE Online! "Twitch vs. EVE 2" is taking place today at 5:00 p.m. EST, as four fleets...