Short for “trading card game.”

Hearthstone will have a three-week event all about Scholomance Academy’s Hidden Library

As is always the case with places of magical learning, there's some sort of hidden repository of ancient knowledge that nobody wants students to...

Hearthstone draws on WoW nostalgia for today’s Scholomance Academy launch

Just the word "Scholomance" makes me cringe remembering the hundreds of times I trawled the iconic World of Warcraft dungeon, but for Hearthstone players...

Activision-Blizzard Q2 2020: Year-over-year revenues are up for the first time in six quarters

We're back with another dip into Activision-Blizzard's financials, this one Q2 2020, the first report since shareholders lambasted the company for excessive executive pay...

Overwatch hosts an AMA, Hearthstone adds a playable kitty hero

You can play as a kitty in Hearthstone. Yes, there's been some patch notes for update 18.0 which sets the table for the arrival...

Jukebox Heroes: The ultimate guide to MMORPG music

It's been a long, strange, and wonderful journey to explore MMORPG music with you here in Jukebox Heroes. And while I am anticipating many...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 280: Middle-earth practices social distancing

Justin and Bree discuss Funcom, Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, Nexon, No Man's Sky, and Skull and Bones, with adventures in LOTRO, Hearthstone, and WoW, plus mailbag topics on fidelity to artistic vision and phasing vs. immersion.

Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy is open for students new and old

Ah, Scholomance: It might just be the dungeon I've run the most times in all of MMOs. And now Blizzard is asking you to...

Hearthstone previews card balance adjustments coming in July

Getting ahead of meta changes in Hearthstone is likely always welcome for players of the digital CCG, so Blizzard has shared a heads-up on...

Obituary: WoW and Hearthstone esports star and Twitch streamer Reckful

Gamers and Twitch fans are in mourning this afternoon, as reports confirming the death of streamer Byron "Reckful" Bernstein have hit social media. Both...

Hearthstone celebrates the Felfire Festival and makes some changes to Battlegrounds

It's time to celebrate the Felfire Festival in Hearthstone! Which means playing card games! Which is expected behavior in a digital CCG, if we're...
Sailing, sailing,

Hearthstone is boarded by pirates while Diablo wraps up Season 20

It's not International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but cutthroat seafarers are making the headlines over in Hearthstone with today's Patch 17.4. The update...

Vague Patch Notes: BlizzCon’s cancellation might just be for the best

After a lot of time spent expecting this particular announcement, yesterday it was finally confirmed that there will be no BlizzCon 2020. This is...

Hearthstone kicks out some balance updates while Overwatch starts previewing anniversary skins

Blizzard's not-WoW games Hearthstone and Overwatch are in the news together today, mostly because each update is sort of like two halves of a...

Perfect Ten: Actually useful World of Warcraft toys

Pretty much since its inception, World of Warcraft has made a point to include just-for-fun items that were more about personal expression and enjoyment....

World of Warcraft’s infamous Leeroy Jenkins raid gaffe is 15 years old

The date was May 11th, 2005. The guild was known as Pals for Life. The location was the Rookery. And the plan was meticulous,...

Destiny’s got an official cookbook now, so now you know what to get the fam for Christmas

Why not turn your looter shooter into a fancy feast? Because nothing about gaming has to make sense any more, Bungie collaborated with Victoria...
No expression.

ActiBlizz Q1 2020: Blizzard MAUs flat at 32M, but revenue jumps ahead of Shadowlands, launching Q4

It won't surprise you, given the current global health crisis, that a large portion of Activision-Blizzard's first quarter revenue report and conference call focused...

Hearthstone’s subreddit melted down over the Demon Hunter class

What are your thoughts on the Hearthstone Demon Hunter? Do you have strong opinions about its power level? Then you likely are in good...

The MOP Up: Star Sonata 2 reboots the universe

If you've been playing Star Sonata 2, you need to prepare yourself for the end of the universe -- and the start of a...

Fight or Kite: Starborne is the MMORTS I didn’t know I was missing

For about 15 years, I’ve had an MMORTS shaped hole in my heart. I didn’t even realize it was there. I used to play...