Tencent’s not-a-WoW-clone Tarisland snagged a former World of Warcraft composer for its score


It’s not every day that a new MMORPG even talks about its composer or score, let alone sends ’round a press release talking up that composer’s accolades, but that’s exactly what Tencent is doing for Tarisland today with the announcement that it’s brought composer Russell Brower onboard.

“Tarisland, the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG, is thrilled to announce that music by world-renowned composer Russell Brower will be featured prominently in the game. Brower’s epic, original themes will reflect the different regions of Tarisland, and accompany players on their heroic adventures and colourful travels through the lands of Taris. Russell Brower is a highly acclaimed Emmy Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer who has created music for some of the world’s most iconic brands in video games, television and film. Brower has collaborated with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Warner Bros., and The Walt Disney Company. The appeal of Brower’s compositions has crossed over from the medium in which they originally appeared, finding new fans around the globe.”

Indeed, Brower’s credits and titles are extensive (and even more impressive) beyond video games, but in the gaming realm, he was apparently let go from Blizzard back in 2017 after working on music for the likes of Diablo III and Hearthstone – as well as every World of Warcraft expansion from Burning Crusade to Legion. The latter note seems particularly relevant here as Tarisland has been widely regarded as a modern WoW clone since its reveal earlier this year, owing to its lore, graphics, and casting, though Tencent has boldly denied what we can all see clearly with our own eyeballs. (“It’s not a WoW clone; it’s a WoW costume,” MOP’s Chris quips.)

The PR incidentally reiterates that the next global closed beta is still slated for November.

Source: Press release
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