WildStar deep-dives in the Bay of Betrayal


The Bay of Betrayal is another piece of content being added in WildStar‘s next patch, and it adds in a few more new ideas to the usual Adventure gameplay. Story-wise, it’s a chance for players to face down the Ascendancy and take on its leader, Calidor Antevian, by bypassing other hopeful Ascendancy acolytes and meeting the big guy himself. In order to do that, players will be granted special technopathic abilities for the adventure, allowing them to siphon power from generators and interact with Eldan tech in special ways.

That isn’t the only way that the Adventure deviates from normal, however; players will also be introduced to an adaptive difficulty system, with the acolytes becoming more or less challenging depending on the medals that the group has already earned. Loot rewards include some unique gear and some low-end Veteran rewards, but players can expect a hard rush in order to get the very best loot out of the encounter.

[Source: Deep Dive: Bay of Betrayal]
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