Pathfinder Online details the future of settlements

How could this have failed? Oh, right, in every fashion.

The War of Towers in Pathfinder Online was always a placeholder mechanic, something to hold players over before the full Settlement system was in place. A new post on the official site details the first version of the settlement upkeep system, which is a simplified version compared to the future plans also detailed in the update. At the core of the mechanics is the idea that a settlement under player control can be supported through means other than violent combat and territory control with careful use of resources.

An update has also been posted on the game’s current and future early enrollment patches; the planned v8 patch is being delayed slightly, rolling out to the test servers on May 7th for hopeful deployment on the 14th. Instead of that larger patch, v7.2 has been added in with various bug fixes for the game.

[Source: Settlement System Update, Early Enrollment 7.2]
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