Massively Opinionated: Hearthstone vs Neverwinter vs LoL


On this week’s edition of Massively Opinionated, we’re talking about one of the biggest controversies to hit the western MMO market in the last few years: free-to-play. We asked our panelists which game has the best F2P model, what turns the western market off from F2P, and which F2P ad is the worst they have seen. We also ask them to build their own F2P MMO.

The rules are simple: Our host, Larry Everett, asks our expert panelists four questions prior to the show on our topic of the week. They come to the show prepared to defend their answers… to the death. Whoever has the best argument wins a point for each question, and the panelist with the most points at the end wins the internet.

Our panelists today are some of the best reporters on F2P games: From MMO Bomb, it’s Editor Jason Winter; from BioBreak and the Massively OP Podcast, Justin Olivetti joins us; and our own Tina Lauro from Predestination jumps on the panel once again!

Larry’s info
Twitter: Shaddoe
Blog: Hyperspace Beacon

Jason Winter’s info
Twitter: WinterInformal
Site: MMO Bomb

Justin Olivetti’s info
Twitter: Sypster
Blog: BioBreak

Tina Lauro’s info
Twitter: PurpleTinaBeans
Site: Predestination

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